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CBS Bio Platforms introduces new feed ingredient bags

September 27, 2023
By The Trough

CBS Bio Platforms is introducing new feed ingredient bags for the complete lineup of signature Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

The new bags bring enhanced technology and features, helping to ensure product arrives in top condition every time, and stays airtight.

The new bags, introduced in October 2023 aim to seamlessly blend sleek design and handling with enhanced product protection for customers. New features include:

  • One-way degassing valve allows air to flow out of the bag, but not back in, eliminating ‘pillowing’ and ‘mushrooming’ to provide brick-like handling and stable palletization;
  • Built-in vent chamber creates an elaborate path that prevents contaminants from plugging the valve’s mechanisms and compromising its sealing efficacy;
  • Durable, high-barrier film construction prevents moisture ingress, oxidation, infestation and dehydration, ensuring your contents remain top quality and free-flowing when they reach customers; and
  • Enhanced capabilities protecting the design from fading or scratchingby enclosing the ink between material layers, to preserve easy identification.

More information on CBS Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) is available at


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