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January 31, 2023
By Jane Robinson, Canadian Poultry

Broilers in the finishing phase naturally generate a lot of heat. They are actively adding weight, and a high metabolic rate produces more body heat. Add in the potential impact of external heat stress as global temperatures rise, and broilers are dealing with heat stress that impacts productivity, and possibly welfare.

To take a closer look at ways to alleviate heat stress, a Saskatchewan research team is working together with an international micronutrient company to investigate the role of nutrition in managing heat stress in broilers. 

Drs. Karen Schwean-Lardner and Denise Beaulieu of the University of Saskatchewan are collaborating with German-based Evonik Nutrition on a three-year project looking at how to precisely formulate diets to deliver the appropriate ratio of ingredients broilers need to grow under heat stress. They’ll be studying the impact of changing the bird’s diet during the finisher phase on reducing heat stress. | READ MORE


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