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Health watch: ILT outbreak prompts strict biosecurity measures in Ontario’s Wellesley Township

January 23, 2024
By Canadian Poultry Magazine

In response to the detection of Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) in a commercial flock, the Feather Board Command Centre (FBCC) has issued a biosecurity advisory for a 10 km area in the Township of Wellesley in southwestern Ontario. The advisory is expected to remain in effect until early April 2024.

The FBCC received alerts confirming the presence of ILT, a highly contagious respiratory virus primarily affecting chickens. Poultry farmers and those working with avian species are urged to reinforce biosecurity protocols when interacting with birds or traveling through the affected region.

Signs of ILT in poultry include increased mortality, noisy breathing, head-shaking, decreased egg production, inactivity, ruffled feathers, and conjunctivitis. Farmers are advised to promptly contact both their veterinarian and board representative if any signs of health concerns arise within their flocks. | READ MORE


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