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Is fishmeal availability going to be stable in 2023?

March 8, 2023
By Treena Hein, Hatchery International

Fishmeal availability is always a concern in the global aquaculture industry as it is a critical ingredient for the farming of many species. There is good news on this front from the IFFO (Marine Ingredients Organisation) – volumes look solid for 2023, with many main “reduction” fisheries (the biomass is processed into oil and meal) around the world doing well.

In terms of the fish species involved, the anchovy (Peru mainly), menhaden (US-based fisheries) and the sardine (mainly West Africa) provide great amounts of raw material for the production of fishmeal. First, a look at anchovies.

Anchovy overview

The three different anchovy fisheries in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean are significant to the global supply of fishmeal. These are the Northern-Central Peruvian stock (the largest reduction fishery in the world), the Southern Peru/ Northern Chile stock and the Central-Southern Chile stock, explains IFFO Director General Petter Johannessen. | READ MORE


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