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Mitigating methane from manure through diet

January 31, 2023
By James Careless, Manure Manager

Photo: © JackF / adobe stock

The dairy and beef industries are under a lot of pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Whether it’s through fertilizer usage – a contentious issue in Canada – or the methane produced from cow manure, livestock industries have been under the microscope and have been challenged to mitigate emissions, all while keeping the bottom line secure.

Fortunately, research has revealed new insights and has introduced ways for producers to reduce such emissions, which can make a significant difference to the environment. Some of these methods can even make cow production more profitable. Two key ways of reducing greenhouse gases on a dairy farm are by managing cattle diet and manure storage.

Reducing emissions through diet management
Manure produces methane gas, while the food eaten by cows produces manure. Theoretically, it should be possible to reduce methane emissions by changing their diets, while taking care not to deprive them of the nutrients they need for optimal productivity. | READ MORE


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