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New feed additive supports dairy net-zero goals

July 19, 2023
By The Trough

A recent dairy lactation study found that Optimax E, a feed additive produced by CBS Bio Platforms, will help dairy farmers meet new net-zero targets while increasing milk yields.

The study shows significant gains in feed efficiency linked with higher productivity. The study was conducted utilizing a commercial herd of 380 Holstein cows in Mexico averaging 175 days of milk. Animals were on a total mixed ration diet primarily of corn silage and alfalfa haulage, comparable to common commercial diets in Canada and the U.S. Cows were monitored for lactation performance, milk components and dry matter intake. Efficiency and ROI were calculated. The study utilized pre-trial data as control data. For 24 days, 20 grams per head per day of Optimax E were added. The treatment was then removed from the diet and data was collected for an additional 24-day post-trial period.

Results attributed to Optimax E included a number of significant improvements including dry matter intake, milk production and efficiency on a fat-corrected milk basis.

More than two litres of additional milk per head per day was achieved during and after supplementation. The results suggest that a best strategy for supplementation may be to target transition and fresh cows, recognizing that carry over benefits will be garnered in later lactation even once supplementation is reduced or stopped.


Click here for a video with more details on the study and results.

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