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Refresher: Nutrition for improved hoof health in horses

January 3, 2024
By Masa Williams, PhD | The Horse

Q. My gelding has always had “bad” feet. Despite my farrier’s and my best efforts, my horse’s feet are generally soft, he struggles to keep shoes on, and even becomes foot sore occasionally. Is there something I can add to his diet to help improve the quality of his hooves and make him more comfortable?

A. As the adage goes, “no hoof, no horse,” and horse owners are always looking for ways to improve or better maintain their horses’ feet. Your horse’s hoof health status is influenced by several factors, including genetics, environment, other health issues, hoof management, and diet. No one single factor can compensate for issues with the others, but the good news is many are in your control, including the diet. | READ MORE

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