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Report: Feeding hempseed cake alters the bovine gut, respiratory and reproductive microbiota

May 19, 2023
By The Trough

A growing number of studies have investigated the feasibility of utilizing hemp by-products as livestock feedstuffs; however, their impact on livestock microbiomes remains unexplored.

A new report published in Scientific Reports evaluated the effects of feeding hempseed cake to beef heifers on their gastrointestinal, respiratory and reproductive microbiota. Angus-crossbred heifers were fed a corn-based finishing diet containing 20 per cent hempseed cake as a substitute for 20 per cent corn dried distillers’ grains and solubles for 111 days until slaughter. The study found heifers fed hempseed cake had increased microbial diversity in the rumen, reduced microbial richness in the vagina and great microbial diversity and richness in their uterus.

Read the full report here.


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