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Winter broiler feed formulations

January 31, 2023
By Leonel Mejia, Canadian Poultry

Since the onset of commercial broiler production several decades ago, the industry has made rapid progress resolving hot weather situations, but ventilation issues for cold weather remain. Technologies such as evaporative cooling, high-efficiency fans, and tunnel ventilation have made the summer months manageable for many companies. However, some still seem to struggle during the winter months where the costs of fuel, litter, and housing make good cold-temperature performance a real challenge.

There have been some great improvements for winter housing, including insulated solid sidewalls, stir fans, controllers, and litter amendments, yet adequate heating, moisture removal, and fresh air often become a challenge in the winter.

Maintaining performance
Due to typically moist conditions within the chicken house during the winter, gut health can be affected by coccidiosis and enteric bacterial and viral challenges. In many cases, the nutritionist will attempt to make adjustments to feed formulation to help maintain performance, make floors drier, and improve foot quality. The feed formulation adjustments can assist performance in cold weather, but it is not as powerful as providing good heat and air. The nutritionist, husbandry manager, and veterinarian must work together to keep performance from slipping during the cold part of the year. | READ MORE


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