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UFAC-UK launches line of soy alternative feed products

December 19, 2023
By The Trough

UK-based UFAC’s latest supplement, cholymet, was developed to address environmental concerns associated with the widespread use of soya (soy) bean meal in animal feeds. According to UFAC, soy production is heavily debated within the agricultural industry “due to its association with substantial carbon emissions and environmental footprint.” According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, almost 80 per cent of the world’s soy is grown for livestock feed purposes.

Enter cholymet, a finely granulated, rumen-inert supplement for dairy cows. It serves as “a crucial addition to the diet of dairy cows by offering essential amino acids and vitamins for herd health and productivity.” It is a blend of choline, lysine, methionine and glycerine. On-farm trials found that feeding cows cholymet resulted in an 11 per cent reduction in a farmer’s milk carbon footprint.

cholymet product

For more details on trial results, click here.


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